Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning


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What is Air Conditioning?

Air conditioning is the technique of casting out the heat and controlling the atmospheric evaporation within a certain range of premises.  The surrounding space thus comes into a more agreeable air temperature. The AC machine also removes dust as well as many other harmful small air particles.

A brief and simple explanation of Air conditioning mechanism


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The process of air conditioning requires a device, known as the Airconditioning Machine. The methods of achieving the desired cooling temperature are known as Passive Cooling and Ventilation. As a matter of fact, AC’s technology inherits in itself a really long, rich tradition. Other streams of the science of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning ( HVAC ) have deeply influenced the process of inventing and modifying the applied science of air conditioning.

The functionality and mechanism of the Air Conditioner and Refrigerator are almost the same. The Refrigerator works in a small encased space whereas the working range of the AC is much broader. It can really cool a proper larger place in substantially less time.

The formal transformation of gas to liquid and vice versa takes place inside the AC machine. Various sorts of chemicals are used for the cooling operation. The AC machine is mainly made of three important components.

They are :

( A ) Compressor [ Outer Unit ]

( B ) Capacitor, and [ Outer Unit  ]

( C ) Evaporator [ Inside Unit  ]

Actually, the Evaporator is the part where the cooling phenomena come about. The air reaches the ducts through a vent. The same air is used for cooling gas in the evaporator where the heat is removed. The process goes on until the enclosed area is filled with cool air.



Variations in shapes and sizes


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Air Conditioners mostly use Vapour-Compression Refrigeration. There are practically so many shapes and sizes of ACs for office, home, car or market and so on. In fact, the capacity, type, and various other configurations of AC devices differ according to the requirement and convenience.

High demand and consumption

The fact is that it is really difficult to discern the number of AC  consumers across the world because it is unimaginably huge. To illustrate, the IEA data of 2018 shows that 1.8 billion AC units were sold resulting in 20% of the entire energy usage worldwide.

We share the responsibility

More Heat Domes? The global environmental impact of air conditioning is big and will get even bigger — Quartz


Willingly, or unwillingly, mankind has already affected the environment on an alarming scale. Factually, the harmful refrigerant gaseous elements are causing nature to get damaged beyond control. Thus emerges the damage control factor.

Consequently, The United Nations has suggested some precautionary measures to actually check the damage level and not to further disrupt the balance of nature. So, the worldwide forum recommended the manufacturers and the consumers to implement all the environment protective safety rules and regulations.

There are institutions and standard regulatory authorities to clear eco-friendly certifications. In addition, consumers are also aware enough to look for more environment-friendly AC machines.

Again, we must not use AC when there is no actual need. Our approach should be minimalist. Accordingly, in the opinion of experts, AC usage should be at a moderate level.

Some major nature protective techniques are :

( 1 ) Passive Cooling

( 2  ) Evaporative Cooling

( 3 ) Selective shading

( 4 ) Windcatchers

( 5 ) Thermal Insulation

Major Types of Air Conditioners

( 1 ) Window AC

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What is a Window AC?

Window ACs are also known as Room Air Conditioners. The term ‘Window’ comes from the similarity of appearance of the AC with the shape and design of a window. For example, these devices are suitable for fixing on the wall or on the ceiling.

The Window AC is an old and major genre. People have been using this for many decades. Moreover, this type of AC is really very popular worldwide.

( 2 ) Split AC

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What is a Split AC?

A Split AC consists of two separate units.

They are :

( 1 ) Outer Unit  – the water or air-cooled condensing unit and the

( 2 ) Inner Unit – or the air handling unit. The enclosed refrigerant connects these separate units.

Split ACs are relatively new and smaller in size.

( 3 ) Packaged Air Conditioner

Split and Multi Split Air Con - Clean Air for Evaporative Cooling, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating. Sales, Install and Servicing | Clean Air for Evaporative Cooling, Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Heating. Sales, Install

All the components of a packaged air conditioner like compressor, coils, air handler, etc. are assembled in a single unit. These types of ACs are specifically suitable for large spaces.

( 4 ) Central Air Conditioning System

How to Troubleshoot and Repair Your American Standard Central AC Unit

In Central Air Conditioning System ( also termed as a Central AC ) the air cooling process takes place in a centrally located area. Then, fans and ductwork equally distribute the cool air within the enclosed surrounding. The process, in fact, depends on the emphasized performance of a highly powerful compressor.


Common AC Problems and Remedies

Bad Smell

If an odd smell transpires from the AC machine, know that it is coming out from the fungus growing inside the device.

The only viable solution is the application of anti-fungal or anti-bacterial formulas.

Lack of Sufficient Cooling

If the AC is not being able to cool the room effectively, then it is wise to submit it to a service center immediately.

Inactive machines are prone to damage

Do not keep the AC unused for a long time. Actually, ACs run well if you regularly keep them active. At the same time, it is profitable to keep the place clean and tidy where the machine is placed.

Take care if there is any unusual noise inside the device

If there is, instantly contact the service center. Please do not try to handle the problem yourself if you are not an expert.

See that the evaporation process is properly working

People often complain about complexities related to the evaporation system. If a complication arises,do not forget to consult an expert.

It is advisable not to let the AC without checking for a prolonged period of time


Our endeavour, truly, in this article on Air Conditioning is an outline only. We have actually tried to explain the basic understanding of the fundamentals of Air Conditioning in thick outlines. Providing useful information to the readers is what we are concerned about.


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