AC rental service in kolkata

It is a very crucial thing to keep your home cool during the intolerable heat of summer, especially in our country, where the average temperature goes up to 35-40 degrees Celsius. The only possible way to get rid of it is to install an Air Conditioner machine in your home. It will keep you cool and comfortable during the summer because it is pretty hard to survive the heat of summer. We are here to solve your problem. AC rental service in Kolkata gives you the easy option of renting AC at an affordable price.

But installing an Air Conditioner machine is not an easy matter. It is quite expensive and troublesome. Choosing the right air conditioner machine, making arrangements for installing, maintaining it after installation is very hazardous. If you want to enjoy the cooling of the air conditioner without any hazards then the best option is AC on rent i.e., to hire or rent an air conditioner machine. You should opt for AC rental service in Kolkata. This option enables you to enjoy the comfort of an air conditioner machine without any headache.

1. Which type of Air Conditioner is available for rent?

The available types of Air conditioning machines for rent are 

i)Portable AC


ii)Split AC

AC rental service in kolkata 3

iii)Industrial Tower AC 

AC rental servive in kolkata 6

iv)Window AC

AC rental service in kolkata 4

  v)Cassette AC 

vi)Ducted AC 

AC rental service in kolkata 6

All these types of AC are mainly available on rent service. AC on rent in Kolkata is a good option. The rental service becomes popular throughout the whole of Kolkata including Sova Bazar, Kestopur, Bow Bazar, Salt Lake, Rajarhat, New Town, Tollygunge, Jadavpur, and many other places. Our company is located at 35 Ganesh Chandra Avenue, Chandni Chawk, Bow Bazar, Kolkata. We are offering the best service throughout the entire city. 

2. Why AC on rent is a good option?

  • Buying an AC machine means investing a large amount of money into it. If you get it on rental service, it saves your initial cost.
  •  When you are thinking about having an AC Machine for a particular time, then bringing it on rental service is the best option.
  •  If you are living in a house on lease, then getting an AC Machine on rent is appropriate.

3. Things to consider before renting an AC

  •  You should rent an AC only from a reputed and trusted company.
  • Before installing you should choose a room where you don’t need an additional ceiling to install an AC machine.
  • Never rent over a year-old AC machine.
  • Share your opinion about installation costs with the owner.
  • Discuss maintenance issues.
  • Before installing must check the full functioning of the AC Machine.
  • Try to get an AC with high ratings and power-saving options.
  • At first rent for a short duration, check if the brand suits you.
  • Measure the room and get the right size.
  • Always ask about the warranty period.
  • Ask the owner to provide you with the best stabilizer.

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